Recognition ROI - Heritage Creations, USA ROI Strategies

Goal of Heritage Creations, USA

Provide programming, communication solutions and products to companies that will allow them to build an intelligent enterprise through award recognition programming. Building an intelligent enterprise is achieved by breaking down fragmentation within an organization and motivating influencers inside of a company. Influencers are those employees and franchisee partners that are an extension of the ideology and goals of corporate and are the first and last representatives that are interacting with consumers.

Building a constant communication stream that allows corporate to communicate the service offerings and business goals of an organization to influencers, while allowing the same communication stream to offer insights back to corporate from influencers, allows an organization to increase the probability of becoming an intelligent organization. The intelligence that will be gathered through the Heritage Creations, USA process will guide us in developing a recognition program that will be driven by the needs and desires of influencers. Answering to needs and desires of influencers and recognizing them will increase the probability of increased profitability for any company.

Business Solution

In the past and in some cases presently, organizations are implementing recognition programming without a business strategy, brand awareness, marketing campaign and corporate communication plan that can be measured for effectiveness in an ongoing manner to insure maximized ROI.

Building a program that creates synergy among groups and maintains that all influencers and employees are “on the same page” is crucial in building an effective program. Heritage Creations, USA has created a recognition programming business model that can maintain effectiveness and accountability while building brand and communication awareness.

As stated earlier, an “intelligent enterprise” is what breeds successful influencers/employees and franchisee partners. The programming that will be developed for recognition purposes will be driven by intelligence gathered from influencers/employees and franchisee partners within the organization in a constant manner.

Business Solution - Process

Visions' award recognition programming, process is established and implemented as follows:

  • Best Practice / Research Rtudy – Development, Execution and Analysis
  • Program Development, Optimization and Branding Awareness Plans
  • Sales Development Training and Global Communication
  • Brand/Incremental Program Enhancement and Success Score Carding
  • Program Product Design and Innovation
  • Product Process Management
  • Program Management/Logistics