Art Department Specifications

Heritage Creations, USA art department accepts electronic artwork
  • Via email
  • CD-ROM
Lasering or Sand-etching art requirements
  • Send VECTOR
  • artwork only (BITMAP files, METAFILES, or PAGE LAYOUT files will not reproduce with quality)
  • Properly made PDF files from VECTOR files are acceptable.
  • Send artwork files with all elements in Black & White (without grayscales).
  • Line thicknesses should be at least 1.5 points * Provide a hard copy printout of layouts, a faxed version is acceptable.
Silkscreened and Photometal art requirements

Silkscreening Process :

  • Supply artwork in vector format and in solid black and white.
  • Supply artwork in vector format any art being screened in CMYK color.
  • Supply in rasterized CMYK color format (TIFF, GIF or JPEG with a resolution of 300 d.p.i. or greater and at 100%), any photo art being screened in four-color process.

Photometal Process :

  • Supply all photo images at approximately the size they are to be produced (grayscale traster format such as TIFF, GIF or JPEG with a resolution of 300 d.p.i. or greater).
Software Applications include
Adobe Illustrator 5.5 CS3 Illustration-Vector
Corel Draw Macromedia   9 Illustration-Vector
Freehand 3.1 9 Illustration-Vector
MS Word     Word Processing
MS Excel     Spreadsheet
WinZip     File Compression
Guide for Type sizes in etching
  • San Serif fonts (ex. Helvetica) = 12 pt or larger
  • Script fonts (ex. Shelley) = 15 to 18 pt or larger
  • Serif fonts (ex. Times) = 14 pt or larger.
  • Please refrain from using Open Face fonts (ex. Caslon Open Face) the lines are not thick enough and will not etch with quality.
  • Note - Visions will not be responsible for the quality in etching for text pointsizes smaller than specified above.
  • Paperproof will be provided with each order.
  • We will provide a proof of the desired imprint on a template of the item ordered so you can approve the size positioning and spelling.
  • Written approval not returned via fax within 24 hours may delay your ship date.
  • When multiple proofs are required due to customer revisions, an $18.75(G) fee will be applied per proof.