Represent your club with a 3D logo

Custom 3Ds

Heritage has created 3D logos for some of the best clubs in the country.

Add flair to your Club with a custom created 3D. Whether its your club logo, a bust, an icon, or anything in between, we can make it.

Any size, shape or color scheme, we can work with you to bring your 3D to life.

Want to create a custom 3D? Contact us to get started!

Choose a finish

Select from our color and finish options. If youre looking for a metalized look, we offer finishes in gold, silver, and light or dark bronze. We also offer full color.

Send us your logo, and we'll send you an artistic rendering - FREE

Send us your club logo, preferably in a Vector file , and we'll work with you to create a 3D logo you and your members will be proud of.

Standard 3Ds

Looking for a quick and easy standard 3D? We offer a selection of stock 3D creations to commemorate your achievements.

Champions Trophy

Team Challenge Trophy

Presidents Trophy

Father & Son

Display your 3D

On a desk, on a wall, in a frame. Display it your way.

3D Desktop Awards
Oval Desktop
Rectangular Desktop
Elite Desktop
Round Top Plaque
Rectangular Plaque - Vertical
Rectangular Plaque - Horizontal
Framed Awards
Statesman Plaque
Silk Matted Shadowbox
Photo/Scorecard Series II
Want to keep it simple?

Display your 3D logo with an easel

3D Logo Panels

Whether its a standard panel or a custom panel, adding a 3D is sure to give your panel some flair.

Choose a panel style, wood finish, plate type, and more. Make your panel fit your club and give it that finishing touch with a 3D logo.

Need a custom size or shape 3D?

No Problem!

We work with your parameters to create a custom 3D to fit your needs.

If you're interested in a standard or custom 3D, call us to get started today!