Select your tier

We offer multiple level tier options to fit your needs.

Add a plate for a single winner or add more for repeated recognition.

Guaranteed to be the perfect fit

We offer square and round relief cuts at a number of different sizes. We'll help you find a base that accurately fits your trophy.

Choose a finish

Select from our various wood stain & finish options

Add Plates

Choose from brass, antique brass, and pewter plates. We offer various plate count options, so your club members get the recognition they deserve.

Send us your logo, names, and any other copy.
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Send us your club logo, preferably in a Vector file,

and we'll work with you to create a 3D logo you and your members will be proud of.

Illuminate your Subsurface Crystal

Light up your subsurface crystal with an LED base

Subsurface Bases

Base 1
Base 2
Base 3
Base 4 Black
Base 5 black

Need a custom size or shape base?

No Problem!

We work with your parameters to create a custom base to fit your needs.

If youre interested in a standard or custom base, call us to get started today!